One of the core values that guides us in every single one of our actions and decisions is solidarity. This is the main reason why our many implications in the different communities that we serve are so important to us. We wish to support the sustainability and influence of these organizations and events through our contributions and participations.

Here is a list of our many community commitments and supports:



Sponsor and particape to oyster party on Friday Novembre 8, 2019 organized by l’ICM from Val d’Or

Partie d'Huitres chez Mega Centre Kubota, Québec.


Sponsor in soirée Las Vegas organized by le Club Optimiste from Val d’Or on Octobre 26, 2019.

Soirée Las Vegas chez Mega Centre Kubota, Québec.


It is with great pleasure that Mega Centre Kubota participated and sponsored the 2019 parade of the Festival Western of Malartic that was held from the 14th to the 18th of August.


Gagnez Un Jouet Chaîne À Scie chez Mega Centre Kubota, Québec.

Colour me for the chance to win a Chainsaw Toy, valued at $39.99

Entry requirements:

  • Print the drawing on our website, or take a copy;
  • Write your child’s name and age on the drawing;
  • Take a picture of it;
  • Place it on the Facebook post of the contest before April 18 on our Facebook page.

The draw will take place on April 18, 2019

To your pencils!

To try to win an Husqvarna Chainsaw, valued at $39,99.

Good luck everyone!

Tronçonneuse En Jouet chez Mega Centre Kubota, Québec.

* Note that the drawings won’t be judged by their quality, all entries will be eligible for the draw.

All drawings will be displayed in the store.

Maximum of one drawing per child.



Do not hesitate to contact us!