Health and Safety

At Mega Centre Kubota, we consider Health and Safety as more than a priority; it guides every single one of our daily action.  We consider Health and Safety as the key for a long-lasting success. We feel strongly about our employees and customers, which is why we will provide the tools and support to protect them. Life is precious and must not be taken for granted, which is why, we decided as a business to put all of our efforts in place in order to raise awareness among our employees.

In order to meet our objectives, we can count on our EHS consultant, Daniel Metras’s support. With more than 15 years of experience, his expertise allowed us to build a complete Health and Safety program. Mr. Metras is also responsible for our employees’ training and will provide all the support needed by each member of our team.

Mega Centre Kubota’s environmental commitment:

  • To protect the environment by complying with applicable laws and regulations, as well as with our environmental policy;
  • To assess the potential effects the Company’s activities might have on the environment, as well as applying preventive measures to prevent any negative effects on the environment, as well as the public health;
  • To apply, technically plausible and valid measures, in the absence of any mandatory rules, to protect the environment’s integrity from beginning to end of our activities;
  • To raise awareness among our employees in means of environmental policy application.

Mega Centre Kubota’s commitment towards Health and Safety is to provide the guidance and support necessary to develop and maintain:

  • A program that prevents physical injuries as well as occupational diseases;
  • A program that prevents fire hazards, and sets emergency measures for damages control;
  • A program that provides guidelines for first aid care while waiting for medical assistance;
  • A program that ensures safety, protection and control over physical violence, misconduct, theft and sabotage;
  • A program that provides guidelines for every employee to work in a safe environment in compliance with the established procedures, safe work practices as well as the established environmental policy.