MCK Construction Fabrication chez Mega Centre Kubota, Québec.

The arrival of MCK Construction Fabrication within Mega Centre Kubota’s team announces a breath of fresh air, but especially a complementary in the services already offered to our customers. Thanks to MCK Construction Fabrication, our team offers their expertise in engineered material, structures, general welding, machining services, among others as set forth below. This synergy will benefit both entities through the knowledge-sharing of an experienced team.

This acquisition is a significant advantage with a mission to support Mega Centre Kubota in the manufacture of parts and equipment for its various R & D projects (supported by an engineering department). Its expertise is also a plus value when it comes to offering both support and guidance to find adequate solutions to address their specific needs.

Some examples offered services at MCK Construction Fabrication:

  • Certified CWB Welding (manufacturing and installation of structures and lifting equipment);
    • Engineered materials;
    • Manufacture of structures;
    • Custom manufacturing and products intended for R & D, for examples: mining tractors, cable reels and fixed MegaCabines;
    • Repair services;
    • Machining;
    • Turnkey projects;
Fabrication Structure Metalique chez Mega Centre Kubota, Québec.

Mega Centre Kubota is proud to have among its team the expertise and talent to carry out successfully its many steel structure erection projects. Our CWB certified technicians allow us to guarantee on time, high-quality service. We are a licensed entrepreneur, which allows us to guarantee our services will meet your expectations. For your project, we are a partner of choice!

Examples of MCK Construction Fabrication services are: 

  • Assembly of steel structures and installation of engineered materials;
  • Mounting of MegaDome and structures in A, for which Mega Centre Kubota is a dealer;
  • Dismantling, moving and relocation of various structures;
  • Personnel leasing
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* These services are subject to a rigorous quality control program.

Although Mega Centre Kubota and MCK Construction Fabrication are two separate entities, they share the same philosophy and the same values. Serving you well is our top priority!