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Residential Equipment


Recognized for their outstanding reliability and their sturdy and compact design, these mini tow-able excavators will tackle any task on narrow or difficult grounds. At Mega Centre Kubota we have two models to answer your needs: the Spider 800 and the Spider 1600.


Want to transform your utility vehicle or tractor into a towing vehicle? Mega Centre Kubota has a complete range of Polar trailers for you. Thanks to its dimensions, your work will now be easier.


Renowned worldwide, Camoplast specializes in all-terrain vehicle (ATV) track systems and utility terrain vehicles (UTV) track systems.

Mega Centre Kubota is a proud distributor of this remarkable array of products. For work, utilitarian use or for your leisure, Camoplast track systems will maximize the performance of your ATV or UTV. In the deepest snow, and the most challenging mud holes as well as hard surfaces and the rockiest terrain, using these high-performance and reliable tracks guarantees you reliability and safety all year long!


Planning your camping season? Facing an emergency? Farsighted and want to buy a generator? Whatever your needs or budget, Mega Centre Kubota has a wide range of products that’ll meet your needs; gas or diesel, small or large, we have it all!

Do you need a quick solution to fix your problem? Or is this for a specific need? No matter your reasoning, we have a solution for you!


Husqvarna offers a full range of handheld products; chainsaws, trimmers, cutters, spreaders, hedge trimmer, blowers and ice drills, everything for the landscaping enthusiast in you! Low price, no compromises; this must be Husqvarna. Visit our showroom with its vast inventory and while you are here, enjoy our expert’s advice; let them accompany you during the purchase of your brand new Husqvarna product!


Mega Centre Kubota offers a wide range of products designed to make your lawn care and maintenance as simple and effective as ABC! Want a golf course-worthy lawn? Come visit our Husqvarna expert for more details on our tractors, mowers, and automowers.

Rototillers, aerators, scarifiers, sod cutters… If those words awaken the gardening enthusiast in you; come and see our wide range of Husqvarna products. We have the tools you need to get the garden you’ve always dreamed of!