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MegaDome Structures

In means of steel structures erection or semicircular structures, Mega Centre Kubota is a partner of choice! Our CWB certified technicians will put their talent and expertise at your service, in order to make your major projects come true. Below are some details about our various products and services.

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Mega Centre Kubota has the perfect solution for your needs in means of semicircular steel structure. We are proud to distribute Industries Harnois Inc.’s product line. Whether you want to properly store a utility vehicle, firewood, materials or simply to create an extra working space, we have the solution for you! EzKit, EzDome and MegaDome lines present a significant advantage; simplified installations. Thanks to its versatility, your structure will evolve at your needs’ pace.

These structures come in different sizes, which makes it easier to meet your demands. Its PowerShield® membrane, made of polyethylene fabric, is waterproof while still letting the light of day through.

For more details on our Industries Harnois Inc., steel structures please contact our industrial representative.